Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wild Child Official Trailer

Wild Child is an upcoming comedy directed by Nick Moore. The movie should be released in August 2008.
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Here below Wild Child Official Trailer:

The Plot:
"Poppy Moore's mother's death five years ago leaves her to party and live life somewhat inappropriately. After warnings from her father to send her to boarding school in England - as her mother did - she jumps into the Pacific near her beach side abode, he sends her to England. She is forced to leave behind her luxurious life and go to boarding school.
Here she finds no sun to tan in, uniform, restricted cell phone use, and her designer duds are soaked from being left in a rainstorm. After being bullied and losing her spoiled treatment, she is determined to leave, forced to attempt to get expelled by snogging the headmistress's son, Freddie. Before she knows it, she is falling head over heels for him. Her ticket out is her only reason to stay.
One night, she finds out her mother attended the exact same boarding school... Before she knows it, she loses her blonde locks and goes brunette. But after she tries and finally heals after her mother's death, she may get to go home... But does she want to?" (Source: Wikipedia)

One more movie about a rebel soul to be tamed by school and love...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wild Child Poster

Here below the official poster of Wild Child, upcoming movie starring Emma Roberts:
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New Girl,
New School,
New rules!


A new term for trouble

A young girl good chic good style is gonna learn the tough side of life in a boarding school in Great Britain.